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Each fountain is lovingly crafted with natural materials ensuring that no two fountains are exactly alike. The driftwood is collected from the shores of the Pacific coast allowing nature to determine the shape and color. The bottle is supported by natural rock of varying shapes and sizes. Diamond-core drilling is required to carve out the bottle's ideal foundation. Polished river rock fills the base providing for yet more natural variations in color and designs


Can I customize a fountain?

While we always have varying styles of our wine fountains available for immediate purchase, we will do our best to accommodate your special request.

How many colors are available for the resin bowl?

Our 14" and 19" resin bowls are available in natural stone with your choice of wine bottle and grape embellishment.

Can I have a fountain made using a keepsake bottle I have?

Most 11" and 12" standard wine bottles can be incorporated into our fountain designs.

Note: Due to the varying properties found in glass, we cannot guarantee against breakage. Glass core drilling is a difficult process and some bottles may crack or break in the process. With a signed waiver, we will be happy to work with your bottle.

Once I buy it, how can I start the fountain, and how to maintain it?

To start the fountain, add 1.5 - 2 gallons of bottled water directly into a bowl. Avoid prolonged water contact with the bottle label as damage may occur. Then, plug in the power cord and the fountain will start. As with all fountains, some splattering may occur.

  1. Like any unique piece, our product needs special attention. We recommended using ONLY bottled water and maintaining the proper water level (half way up glass stem)
  2. For proper water quality, periodically add one(1) CAP of bleach in glass (approx. every 6 weeks), and do not add any color for 4 days/
  3. To clean cloudy glass, use CLR on paper towel and wipe around glass gently.Do not put CLR directly in water.

How can I color the water? What type of colors should I use?

For unique color, add food coloring as desired into the glass NOT BOWL. However, rock discoloration may occur.

For wine color use small bottles of food coloring use this formula :-

- Red = 1/2 bottle red + 4 drops blue.
- White = 1/2 bottle yellow


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